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BADU JET Turbo Pro

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The premium counter-current system BADU JET Turbo Pro from SPECK offers you an endless swimming experience without any turning. Their even, soft, splash-free flow pattern enables a particularly natural swimming experience that is similar to a real open water feeling.

With a maximum flow rate of up to 350 m³/h, the BADU JET Turbo Pro is your ideal training partner. It enables a performance-oriented professional workout under real and competition-like conditions. But not only professional athletes get their money's worth with the counter-current system. Thanks to the individual power control, the BADU JET Turbo Pro is suitable for every fitness level. From young to old.

The special thing about the BADU JET Turbo Pro for me is the natural current. When training against the system, it feels like swimming in open water.<<

Mirjam SchallExtreme swimmer
Schwimmerin im Pool
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