BADU Pipe char­ac­ter­ist­ics

The fol­low­ing graph­ic will help you when determ­in­ing pipe fric­tion char­ac­ter­ist­ics and cal­cu­lat­ing the cor­rect pipe dia­met­ers.

Cir­cu­la­tion pumps

Q = 25 m³/h, 20 m plastic pipe with DN 50 ≙ d 63: DN 65 ≙ d 75
Expec­ted loss read­ing as seen in the table (Hv = 18.00 m per 100 m): 5.00 m per 100 m
Expec­ted loss
20 m pipe (x 10/100) (Hv = 3,60 m): 1.00 m
Mon­itored flow speed (v = 3.40 m/s - too high): 2.00 m/s - accept­able

The pres­sure loss in this example is val­id for clear water at 20 °C and for liquids of sim­il­ar kin­et­ic vis­cos­ity and for new PVC U-pipes.

Pres­sure loss (mWS)/Flow rate Q (m³/h)

Counter swim units

To achieve an almost loss free oper­a­tion of counter swim units use the table below to dimen­sion the pipe dia­met­er.

The example is based on:
Suc­tion line (S) with two elbows and the pres­sure line (D) with three elbows.

Q (m³/h) Length of pipe
5 m 7.5 m 10 m
45 Suc­tion line (S) d 125 d 125 d 125
Pres­sure line (D) d 125 d 125 d 125
58 Suc­tion line (S) d 140 d 140 d 140
Pres­sure line (D) d 140 d 140 d 140
75 Suc­tion line (S) d 160 d 160 d 160
Pres­sure line (D) d 140 d 140 d 140

45 > BADUJET Smart . 58 > BADUJET Wave/BADUJET Vogue . 75 > BADUJET Primavera

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