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Use our innovative apps to increase the efficiency of your pumps and systems and reduce operating costs. Whether energy saving, optimum pump design or intelligent control - our digital solutions offer you comprehensive support. Discover the benefits of the BADU Green app, SPECK SELECT, BADU Connect and smartConnect. Experience how simple and efficient pump management can be.

BADU Green App - More efficiency, less energy

Our free BADU Green app shows you how you can save money and protect the environment at the same time with a variable speed pool pump. It provides you with a tool that allows you to compare the energy efficiency of conventional and speed-controlled pool pumps. The specific conditions at your location are taken into account. Download the free BADU Green app to your tablet now and calculate the energy efficiency of your pool pump:

BADU Green App
SPECK Select

Our pump design software

With the SPECK SELECT pump design software, you can easily and conveniently design and configure the optimum pump for your project for every application. In the web app, you will find the corresponding pump data sheets with comprehensive product descriptions, dimensional drawings, characteristic curves and tender texts for viewing and downloading. Save the current status of your configurations and edit them in a later session. Log in and make your desired configuration.

About SPECK Select

BADU Connect - control made easy

Simple and intelligent: Manage your speed-controlled pump via BADU NetLink. In combination with the BADU Connect app, the various speeds of the pump can be controlled and monitored manually. This means that your already installed, frequency-controlled BADU pool pump can be made smart at a later date and easily controlled remotely. You can download the BADU Connect app here:

BADU Connect

smartConnect - ultrasound measurement via app

Our BADU FlowSonic and BADU FlowSonic+ flowmeters enable precise and loss-free measurement of the volume flow via ultrasonic measurement. Settings and access for BADU FlowSonic+ are possible via the smartCONNECT app: