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110 years of expertise in industrial pumps.

Industrial technology

SPECK has been developing professional, standardized pump systems and equipment for over 110 years. Our state-of-the-art products, including centrifugal pumps, high-pressure pumps, side channel pumps, vacuum pumps, compact systems including pump controls and many other innovative solutions, are designed to master even the most complex challenges in a wide range of applications. SPECK is the reliable partner for planners who design customized industrial projects, industrial companies looking for reliable and efficient pump systems, or specialist tradesmen who install and maintain technology. Our pump technology supports processes in water supply and treatment, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food production, the plastics processing industry and other sectors. Discover the performance of SPECK pumps and systems for your industrial needs.


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Our industrial technology applications at a glance

Our extensive expertise and high-quality pumps are used in a wide range of industries. From the plastics industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to medical technology and food - our solutions are in demand everywhere. Find out more about the different areas of application for our products and how you can meet the specific requirements of each industry.

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