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Our service team works competently and efficiently to ensure that a defective pump, system or appliance is back in operation as quickly as possible. Valuable advice from our customers saves a lot of time when troubleshooting and enables us to provide help quickly!

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Transport damage, warranty claims, replacement of wearing parts, defects after many years of operation or damage caused by incorrect installation - even at SPECK, there are reasons why a pump, system or device has to be sent to the repair workshop. Even if the reason for the service case is only described as "broken" or "defective", the colleagues will find the problem. No question about it. But sometimes troubleshooting takes time - and customers usually don't have the time. The repaired pump, system or device should be returned to its place of use as quickly as possible. A few simple instructions about the pump, system or device in need of repair will help us and reduce the waiting time for you to a minimum!

We therefore ask you to focus on the essentials when recording your service case and to describe the fault or defect in as much detail as possible. We will answer your request as quickly as possible and get back to you.