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Our team in the workshop works competently and efficiently so that a faulty pump can be working again as soon as possible. Valuable tips from customers save a lot of time when searching for the problem and allow us to help quickly.

Transport damage, warranty cases, replacing wear parts, damage from long service or due to incorrect installation – there are many reasons why a pump may have to be sent to SPECK for repairs. Even if it can only be described as broken or faulty, our colleagues will find the problem. There’s no question about it. However, searching for the problem can take time and this is what the customer generally doesn’t have. The overhauled pump should be back at the installation site as soon as possible. A few simple tips for pumps in need of repair help to minimise the waiting time!

In order to make returning a pump as simple as possible, please complete the form below, print it and attach it to your return. Many thanks!

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