SPECK Pumpen Children’s Fund

One look at my own children's happy faces was enough motiv­a­tion for me to estab­lish the SPECK Pumpen Children's Fund to help chil­dren and teens who are not priv­ileged to grow up with the love and pro­tec­tion which only a fam­ily can give them.

"There will be no great dis­cov­er­ies and devel­op­ments as long as there is still one sad child on earth" - Albert Einstein

My idea is that all chil­dren should and must have the pos­sib­il­ity of a good edu­ca­tion and a fair chance in life.

That is why the SPECK Pumpen Children's Fund (a trust found­a­tion under the Stif­tung Kinder­fonds) does not sup­port cer­tain pro­jects but spon­tan­eously offers help where help is most needed.

Please join us in helping!


Her­mann Speck

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