BADU® pool products

The BADU brand offers pool tech­no­lo­gies and solu­tions that inspire - in per­form­ance, qual­ity and design. From entry-level private pools in the garden to large pub­lic facil­it­ies, BADU is the only right choice.

Domest­ic & indus­tri­al tech­no­logy

Wheth­er large com­pan­ies, muni­cip­al insti­tu­tions, hotels or your own home. With the innov­at­ive and power­ful house tech­no­logy, indus­tri­al tech­no­logy and aquacul­ture solu­tions from SPECK you can optim­ally imple­ment any pro­ject.


Water has its own lan­guage. Using it requires exper­i­ence and know-how. SPECK Pumpen makes it pos­sible with aquacul­ture tech­no­lo­gies and solu­tions for your require­ments. Your water treat­ment deserves the best tech­no­logy, even in the roughest con­di­tions.

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