Aqua­cell AE-M

Vari­able speed pres­sure boost­ing units

Pres­sure boost­ing units from SPECK Pumpen are mainly used in drink­ing water sup­ply when the sup­ply pres­sure is not suf­fi­cient. They ensure a reli­able water sup­ply on all stor­ies. Energy con­sump­tion has always been the same, regard­less of actu­al water require­ments. The Aqua­cell AE-M vari­able speed units are now mak­ing a sus­tain­able change and sav­ing around 50 % of the energy required by a con­ven­tion­al pres­sure boost­ing unit. It is easy to oper­ate and can be mon­itored remotely via an app.

The new Aqua­cell AE-M pres­sure boost­ing units ensure simple water sup­ply in private house­holds with up to 6 stor­ies at an inlet pres­sure of at least 0.5 bar. Avail­able in three dif­fer­ent sizes, they are optim­ally designed for one to six-fam­ily house­holds with gar­dens.

The units are sup­plied ready to plug in, for a power sup­ply via a 230 V sock­et, for easy install­a­tion and com­mis­sion­ing. The Aqua­cell AE-M adapts to all needs. Para­met­erisa­tion is not neces­sary. It can be eas­ily oper­ated and the tar­get pres­sure adjus­ted via an LED dis­play with keypad. It is also pos­sible to mon­it­or the unit via bluetooth using an app on the smart­phone. Run­ning time, energy con­sump­tion, oper­at­ing mode and error mes­sages can be called up at any time and from any loc­a­tion.

The Aqua­cell AE-M can be switched on and off auto­mat­ic­ally by a pres­sure trans­mit­ter loc­ated in the end pres­sure side. The con­trol tank is an 8 l dia­phragm pres­sure ves­sel moun­ted in the pres­sure line. The speed is con­trolled by a fre­quency con­vert­er moun­ted on the motor. The pres­sure boost­ing units are equipped with a dry run pro­tec­tion which auto­mat­ic­ally switches the unit off in the event of water short­age.

While con­ven­tion­al pres­sure boost­ing units oper­ate con­tinu­ously at the same speed to main­tain the required pres­sure, the Aqua­cell AE-M's fre­quency con­vert­er adjusts the speed of the pump motor to the actu­al water require­ment. Meas­ured in terms of the aver­age water con­sump­tion of a detached or two-fam­ily house, energy con­sump­tion is reduced by up to 50 % in com­par­is­on.

SPECK Pumpen ser­vice

Fast assist­ance

Our team in the work­shop works com­pet­ently and effi­ciently so that a faulty pump can be work­ing again as soon as pos­sible. Valu­able tips from cus­tom­ers save a lot of time when search­ing for the prob­lem and allow us to help quickly.

Trans­port dam­age, war­ranty cases, repla­cing wear parts, dam­age from long ser­vice or due to incor­rect install­a­tion - there are many reas­ons why a pump may have to be sent to SPECK for repairs. Even if it can only be described as broken or faulty, our col­leagues will find the prob­lem. There's no ques­tion about it. How­ever, search­ing for the prob­lem can take time and this is what the cus­tom­er gen­er­ally doesn't have. The over­hauled pump should be back at the install­a­tion site as soon as pos­sible. A few simple tips for pumps in need of repair help to min­im­ise the wait­ing time!

Repairs often require wear or spare parts. The pump or device type and the seri­al num­ber can be used to determ­ine these clearly for the respect­ive pump. These spe­cific­a­tions can be found on the pump’s name plate. This inform­a­tion can be used in our sys­tem to call up all the art­icle num­bers of all the indi­vidu­al parts used. If this inform­a­tion is dif­fi­cult for you to determ­ine, the order num­ber of the invoice or deliv­ery note or the source and date of sup­ply will also help us. Ideally, we can use this inform­a­tion to pre­pare for the repair while the pump is still on its way to us.

When determ­in­ing the fault, we can save you valu­able wait­ing time if we know about some of the symp­toms of the pump when it is installed. Does the pump devel­op a dif­fer­ent oper­at­ing noise? Does liquid leak, if so where from? Has the per­form­ance of the pump notice­ably changed due to changes in pres­sure or reduced quant­ity of water? Does the motor become hot or is the cir­cuit break­er triggered? Such inform­a­tion imme­di­ately helps us to assess wheth­er it is a hydraul­ic prob­lem, elec­tric­al dam­age or a faulty seal.

Espe­cially with con­trolled pump mod­els from the BADU GREEN series, it is good to know wheth­er extern­al con­tacts are used on site and wheth­er the pump is oper­ated with a con­trol­ler - if so, which one. Does the dis­play show any­thing and can set­tings still be made? Is it pos­sible to save pro­gramme set­tings or is an error code or warn­ing dis­played? If so, please quote it. Is the error per­man­ent, tem­por­ary or does it only occur under cer­tain cir­cum­stances?

In many cases, the con­di­tions on site are also import­ant for a quick and effect­ive repair. Has the pump been sub­merged in water or oper­ated in high humid­ity con­di­tions? Has the pump been used to pump unusu­al media or have changes been made to the pump con­nec­tions? The causes for defects in the device can also be linked to these spe­cial cir­cum­stances. How­ever, they are dif­fi­cult to repro­duce in the work­shop. By provid­ing this inform­a­tion you sup­port us in help­ing you quickly and per­man­ently!

In order to make it as easy as pos­sible for you to send in a pump, all essen­tial inform­a­tion is reques­ted on a returns form. This can be down­loaded from our web­site under Service/help. If you are unsure about the error descrip­tion, the col­leagues in the ser­vice depart­ment will be happy to sup­port you by tele­phone on +49 9123 949-700.

SPECK SELECT pump con­fig­ur­a­tion

Down­load it now from our web­site!

With the SPECK SELECT pump selec­tion pro­gramme you can select and con­fig­ure the optim­al pump for every applic­a­tion com­fort­ably and eas­ily. Fur­ther­more, with this soft­ware you will find the cor­res­pond­ing product descrip­tions, dimen­sion­al draw­ings and tender spe­cific­a­tions for each pump.

As an altern­at­ive to the well-known SPECK SELECT CD, the soft­ware is now avail­able to down­load from our web­site. Thus, we can work more envir­on­ment­ally friendly and you can get star­ted straight away without hav­ing to wait for the deliv­ery.

The sys­tem require­ments remain the same:
>       500 MB RAM – Acrobat Read­er 7.0 or new­er
>       approx. 1 GB hard drive space – Win­dows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Install­a­tion instruc­tions
Should you have already installed the pre­vi­ous ver­sion, please unin­stall this first under “pro­grammes” in the con­trol pan­el.

First of all, com­plete all of the required inform­a­tion in order to activ­ate the down­load. Fol­low­ing that, a green box will appear. Click “here” in order to down­load the soft­ware in a zip file. Please select Setup.exe or Setup, the doc­u­ment time is „Applic­a­tion“. The soft­ware will now be star­ted and you can fol­low the instruc­tions shown to com­plete the install­a­tion. Dur­ing the install­a­tion you will be giv­en a choice regard­ing the install­a­tion type. Please select “com­plete”.

More instruc­tions? No, thank you!
Would you like a bit of sup­port using the soft­ware but can’t be bothered with bor­ing instruc­tions? We thought so. That is why we pre­pared a tutori­al, short and to the point. Simply select the sub­titles in your chosen lan­guage.

Should you have any ques­tions, con­tact us using the con­tact for­mu­lar.

We would love to hear your feed­back too!

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