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Just in time for the coming heating season, SPECK Pumpen is launching a new series of heating pumps to the market. The INOVA NH II, the successor to the INOVA NH, offers added value with a new design and additional functions.
Our pumps also consist of quite a few individual parts. It is essential not only to keep an overview, but also to have every relevant detail under control from the smallest screw to the most powerful motor. That‘s what the team in our controlling & data management department stands for. This is where all the information on each article flows together and is optimally prepared and kept up to date so that everyone at SPECK Pumpen can work on a reliable basis. Their work creates the basis for competent quotations, smooth production, sensible warehousing and countless other operational processes.
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In the last weeks and months we were able to welcome four new employees to our company. Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to four long-standing colleagues who have entered retirement.
Dried-out gardens and yellow stripes in the football pitch - do you remember the summer of 2018? We can‘t promise blooming landscapes, but with our underwater pumps and domestic waterworks we have practical solutions for your garden to remain a green oasis during the next heated summer season. We have put together a few practical packages for this purpose: simple, clever, proven and professional.
The Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt has followed examples from Dubai and Las Vegas with an impressive water, light and sound spectacle. The water features are the attraction for guests and visitors on the hotel‘s own lake. 116 SPECK pumps are behind the up to 30 m high fountains.
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Aquacell AE-M

Pressure boosting units from SPECK Pumpen are mainly used in drinking water supply when the supply pressure is not sufficient. They ensure a reliable water supply on all stories. Energy consumption has always been the same, regardless of actual water requirements. The Aquacell AE-M variable speed units are now making a sustainable change and saving around 50 % of the energy required by a conventional pressure boosting unit. It is easy to operate and can be monitored remotely via an app.


Organising supplies does not simply mean “shopping“ for the purchasing employees. There is much more at stake here: keeping production and administration running, weighing up the capital commitment through stock keeping, keeping an eye on the value for money and, above all, the effects of purchases on the selling prices of one‘s own products. Knowledge of many business processes, good negotiating skills, knowledge of the seasonal market fluctuations and human contact with key suppliers are required in order to optimally manage these complex links.
Our team in the workshop works competently and efficiently so that a faulty pump can be working again as soon as possible. Valuable tips from customers save a lot of time when searching for the problem and allow us to help quickly.
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On Friday 14 December 2018, we stamped out as soon as we had stamped in and not because we were on post duty. At around 8 am 22 motivated apprentices drove in two busses and two cars towards Roth.
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