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Vacuum pumps from SPECK Pumpen

Single stage vacuum pumps in modular form from the BluLine/BluVac range are intelligent fluid ring vacuum pumps from SPECK Pumpen. All pumps have an integrated frequency converter, a pump control especially designed for vacuum pumps as well as a pressure sensor and are controlled to exactly the required operating point on the unit’s characteristics. This saves energy and provides the unit with a constant vacuum, which often leads to improvements in the end product. Vacuum systems from SPECK Pumpen are delivered in a close-coupled design or as a compact unit. This range is suitable for the extraction of gases and fluids. Due to the wide range of materials such as cast iron, bronze, graphite iron and stainless steel, this range has several different possible fields of application. The robust casting makes this pump range especially durable. These vacuum pumps are characterized by high reliability, simple servicing and a long service life. Fluid ring vacuum pumps from SPECK Pumpen can achieve a maximum flow rate of 350 m³/h and a maximum intake pressure of 33 mbar.

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