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Organ­ising sup­plies does not simply mean “shop­ping“ for the pur­chas­ing employ­ees. There is much more at stake here: keep­ing pro­duc­tion and admin­is­tra­tion run­ning, weigh­ing up the cap­it­al com­mit­ment through stock keep­ing, keep­ing an eye on the value for money and, above all, the effects of pur­chases on the selling prices of one‘s own products. Know­ledge of many busi­ness pro­cesses, good nego­ti­at­ing skills, know­ledge of the sea­son­al mar­ket fluc­tu­ations and human con­tact with key sup­pli­ers are required in order to optim­ally man­age these com­plex links.

Bianka Rein­hardt, Fatih Afat, Alex­an­der Wirth and an appren­tice who rotates depart­ments every three months are SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft‘s pur­chasers. They provide everything that our com­pany needs to be able to work. This includes simple every­day items such as office sup­plies and pro­tect­ive cloth­ing, as well as products that we do not man­u­fac­ture ourselves and the essen­tial com­pon­ents for our pro­duc­tion: motors, injec­tion moul­ded plastic parts and injec­tion moulds, tools, card­board boxes, pal­lets, mech­an­ic­al seals, etc.

This list could be con­tin­ued almost indef­in­itely. Around 15,000 orders to approx. 1,000 dif­fer­ent sup­pli­ers leave the depart­ment each year. In order to main­tain an over­view, an appro­pri­ate divi­sion is neces­sary. The assign­ment of dif­fer­ent art­icle groups to indi­vidu­al employ­ees enables col­leagues to acquire back­ground know­ledge and exper­i­ence for their art­icles and to estab­lish per­son­al con­tact with sup­pli­ers.

Bianka Rein­hardt is the pur­chaser for pumps from the SPECK factor­ies in Roth, Ger­ets­ried and Biele­feld as well as all accessor­ies. In 2019 she will cel­eb­rate her 40th anniversary with the com­pany. She is not only famil­i­ar with the large num­ber of pump types and their com­pon­ents, but also has a very good feel­ing for the pro­duc­tion and deliv­ery times from the oth­er factor­ies. Every year she is assigned the respons­ible task of organ­ising the invent­ory. Then, everything that con­cerns the most dif­fer­ent art­icles really comes togeth­er with her.

Fatih Afat has been at SPECK for almost ten years. He is respons­ible for mer­chand­ise and pack­aging mater­i­als. The mon­it­or­ing and con­trolling of the kan­ban sys­tem is also his respons­ib­il­ity.

Alex­an­der Wirth has worked for our com­pany for over 13 years and has been Head of Pur­chas­ing since 2014. He works closely with the devel­op­ment depart­ment pur­chas­ing com­pon­ents for the company‘s own pro­duc­tion. Motors, pump plastic parts and the cor­res­pond­ing injec­tion moulds are his spe­ci­al­ity. In addi­tion, there is the glob­al import pro­ced­ure.

None of the oper­at­ing pro­cesses may come to a stand­still because a required art­icle is not in house. On the oth­er hand, unne­ces­sar­ily large stocks should also be avoided. This costs space and ties up cap­it­al. The pur­chasers are well organ­ised in order to keep the bal­ance and nev­er lose sight of the big pic­ture. If the stock level of any art­icle approaches the indi­vidu­ally stored min­im­um quant­ity, the mer­chand­ise man­age­ment pro­gramme sends a demand mes­sage to the respons­ible mater­i­al plan­ner. This col­league, who uses the art­icle in ques­tion dir­ectly, checks the require­ments on the basis of the actu­al work­load and passes the order on to the pur­chas­ing depart­ment accord­ingly. Para­met­ers such as min­im­um order quant­it­ies, deliv­ery times and sea­son­al fluc­tu­ations in demand are taken into account. If neces­sary, dif­fer­ent offers are obtained and then an order is placed. The agreed deliv­ery date is con­firmed to the mater­i­al plan­ner via the mer­chand­ise man­age­ment pro­gramme. In this way, he knows when the art­icles will be avail­able.

The supplier‘s order con­firm­a­tion is checked in detail in pur­chas­ing. “For orders with very high order val­ues, of course we prefer to look at it five times before releas­ing the order,“ says Alex­an­der Wirth. New tools for the pro­duc­tion of plastic parts can eas­ily enter the six-fig­ure range. If a mis­take in the order were over­looked here, the fin­an­cial and tem­por­al con­sequences would be huge.

Reg­u­lar price con­trols with vari­ous sup­pli­ers on the mar­ket as well as annu­al price nego­ti­ations with fixed sup­pli­ers are part of the job. The con­di­tions agreed by the pur­chas­ing depart­ment have a one-to-one impact on the selling prices and com­pet­it­ive­ness of our products. How­ever, the product qual­ity and supllier‘s deliv­ery con­di­tions also have great influ­ence.

Part­ner­ships, some of which have las­ted dec­ades, have developed primar­ily with pro­duc­tion-rel­ev­ant sup­pli­ers. In excep­tion­al cases, famil­i­ar per­son­al con­tact and the will­ing­ness to approach one anoth­er make many things pos­sible that anonym­ous trade rela­tions do not offer. “Where you would most likely hear a decided “impossible“ from extern­al sup­pli­ers, a real part­ner ensures that the goods required are on the door­step the next morn­ing“, the depart­ment head knows the bene­fits of hav­ing reg­u­lar sup­pli­ers. “When the going gets tough, we can rely on our sup­pli­ers and we show them that
this is not a mat­ter of course for us, even after many years!“

In pur­chas­ing, the price is very decis­ive but it doesn‘t have the final say. If you want to sell high qual­ity, you have to ensure that you buy high qual­ity! This is what Alex­an­der Wirth, Bianka Rein­hardt and Fatih Afat stand for when organ­ising sup­plies for the sales com­pany …

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