SPECK Pumpen at the trade fairs

Autumn in Stut­tgart, Las Vegas and Lyon

The autumn trade fairs were a huge suc­cess for SPECK Pumpen. The good atmo­sphere and pos­it­ive expect­a­tions for the com­ing sea­son were clearly felt on a nation­al, European and inter­na­tion­al level.

The 25-man team was blown away by the vis­it­or turnout at the inter­bad in Stut­tgart. The share of inter­na­tion­al guests from all four corners of the world was sur­pris­ingly high for a Ger­man trade fair. Many con­ver­sa­tions regard­ing new products and product devel­op­ments were held over Flam­mkuchen (Tarte flam­bée) and Franconi­an beer.

A vari­ety of new products for the US swim­ming pool mar­ket were presen­ted at the Inter­na­tion­al Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in Las Vegas. As well as the innov­a­tions, the qual­ity and ser­vice from SPECK Pumpen were the focus for pro­spect­ive cus­tom­ers. The event was roun­ded off with a lively trip to the Ger­man Hof­bräuhaus with cus­tom­ers, friends and staff.

The Pis­cine Glob­al Europe in Lyon was a fant­ast­ic con­clu­sion of the trade fair sea­son. The unwaver­ing high vis­it­or turnout star­ted on day one and impressed and motiv­ated the whole SPECK Pumpen trade fair team. Pro­spect­ive cus­tom­ers from Japan, Thai­l­and, Israel, Jordan, the Seychelles, the UAE and the East­ern Block as well as Europe left a more than prom­ising impres­sion. SPECK Pumpen is now ready to start the new year full of energy!

You will find our trade fair dates for 2019 here.

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