Stella Rouge calendar

Back by popular demand!

Stella Rouge is back by popular demand and this year she is simply magical. Today we’re giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot and a sneak peek at our new images.

How time flies! After the success of the 2018 calendar and the adverts, it was clear that this was a gimmick that had to be repeated. We invited Stella Rouge to our offices in Neunkirchen at the beginning of the summer in order to set about planning the next calendar. If you had the pleasure of meeting Stella Rouge at our trade fair stand at the Aquanale in 2017 or the Interbad in 2018, you will be able to imagine how much fun this meeting was.

Creativity is part of the company philosophy at SPECK. Therefore the brainstorming was no great challenge. Fairy tales are timeless and know no linguistic barriers so they are a good representation of the company’s tradition and global activity. It’s no coincidence that some of the images are taken from fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, as SPECK stands for “Made in Germany“. Of course pumps from the BADU family are once again at the centre of the campaign – who else would it be?

By the time it came to the photo shooting in the middle of September we were really quite relieved as our office was starting to look like a fancy dress shop. We were blessed with beautiful weather and the team was as professional as ever, which of course made it all the more fun. The result is a selection of fantastic images that portray the quality and high value of the BADU product range.

You will come across the images everywhere, from our internet presence and product advertisements to our trade fair stand and promotional gifts. If you would like to admire our handiwork on a daily basis, simply request your copy of the 2019 calendar free of charge. Send an e-mail with your name and address to and we will be glad to send you a copy.

Neuheiten 2019

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