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Our team in the workshop works competently and efficiently so that a faulty pump can be working again as soon as possible. Valuable tips from customers save a lot of time when searching for the problem and allow us to help quickly.

Transport damage, warranty cases, replacing wear parts, damage from long service or due to incorrect installation - there are many reasons why a pump may have to be sent to SPECK for repairs. Even if it can only be described as broken or faulty, our colleagues will find the problem. There's no question about it. However, searching for the problem can take time and this is what the customer generally doesn't have. The overhauled pump should be back at the installation site as soon as possible. A few simple tips for pumps in need of repair help to minimise the waiting time!

Repairs often require wear or spare parts. The pump or device type and the serial number can be used to determine these clearly for the respective pump. These specifications can be found on the pump’s name plate. This information can be used in our system to call up all the article numbers of all the individual parts used. If this information is difficult for you to determine, the order number of the invoice or delivery note or the source and date of supply will also help us. Ideally, we can use this information to prepare for the repair while the pump is still on its way to us.

When determining the fault, we can save you valuable waiting time if we know about some of the symptoms of the pump when it is installed. Does the pump develop a different operating noise? Does liquid leak, if so where from? Has the performance of the pump noticeably changed due to changes in pressure or reduced quantity of water? Does the motor become hot or is the circuit breaker triggered? Such information immediately helps us to assess whether it is a hydraulic problem, electrical damage or a faulty seal.

Especially with controlled pump models from the BADU GREEN series, it is good to know whether external contacts are used on site and whether the pump is operated with a controller - if so, which one. Does the display show anything and can settings still be made? Is it possible to save programme settings or is an error code or warning displayed? If so, please quote it. Is the error permanent, temporary or does it only occur under certain circumstances?

In many cases, the conditions on site are also important for a quick and effective repair. Has the pump been submerged in water or operated in high humidity conditions? Has the pump been used to pump unusual media or have changes been made to the pump connections? The causes for defects in the device can also be linked to these special circumstances. However, they are difficult to reproduce in the workshop. By providing this information you support us in helping you quickly and permanently!

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to send in a pump, all essential information is requested on a returns form. This can be downloaded from our website speck-pumps.com under Service/help. If you are unsure about the error description, the colleagues in the service department will be happy to support you by telephone on +49 9123 949-700.

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