SPECK apprentices on tour

Visiting Speck pumpen in Roth

On Friday 14 December 2018, we stamped out as soon as we had stamped in and not because we were on post duty. At around 8 am 22 motivated apprentices drove in two busses and two cars towards Roth.

The last car finally made it to our sister factory Speck Roth and we were given a very friendly welcome. From the very beginning we were impressed by the exhibition room that we first entered. We were given an introduction to the company by means of an interesting presentation and following a short question and answer session, we went to explore the premises.

Even in the first production hall we, especially the trainee industrial mechanics, couldn’t believe our eyes. There were so many machines, each one newer, larger and more modern. Many questions were raised and well answered.

The canteen was also impressive. We were given a snack and had the opportunity to chat with the apprentices from Speck Roth. It occurred to us that, despite the considerable difference in size, (the company has twice as many employees as we do) the apprenticeship scheme is very similar.

We left Roth and made our way to an Italian restaurant in Nuremberg where we filled up on pizza and pasta before heading to the battlefield. The highlight of the day, which also involved great teamwork, was laser tag. The aim was to defeat the other two teams in the two rounds that we played. Conquering the other teams and defending our own was great fun and time raced by. After the evaluation of the games we headed home, tired but full of adrenaline.

Overall, it was a very interesting and fun-filled day. It even brought the apprentices closer together. Thank you very much for a great day out – we look forward to doing it again!

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