Proven automatic backwash system with new functions


The swimming pool filter system must be regularly backwashed. Filtered dirt is led into the sewage system and the filter material is loosened. This maintains the water quality and avoids rising energy costs due to increased filter resistance. The process can be carried out manually on manual backwash valves or you can leave this necessity to our reliable and time-saving BADU OmniTronic. Since March 2019, the automatic backwash system offers a range of additional functions for convenient pool operation.

The BADU OmniTronic starts regular filter operation daily at the same time and automatically carries out weekly backwashing. An alternative operating mode offers the possibility of setting the times individually for all operating modes.

Since March 2019, backwashing with the BADU OmniTronic has also been possible at 6-hour intervals. Thus, it can also be used for example in koi carp ponds. A very short rinse time of only five seconds minimises the water consumption.

Up to now, filter controls, level controls or pressure switches could be integrated into the BADU OmniTronic. A pressure switch is offered as an option. The information can be transferred specifically to dosing systems with the setting “FIL: P“. Since spring, the automatic backwash system is supplied with two additional relays and now has even more potential to perform additional functions.

The BADU OmniTronic can be used to couple the house heating pump with the circulation pump and thus control the swimming pool water heating. The target temperature and operating times for heating operation are adjustable. The same applies to swimming pool water heating via solar panels. The automatic backwash system controls the solar system ball valve and locks when the set maximum temperature is reached. In the case of speed-controlled pumps, this can also be used to increase the speed for the operation of solar absorbers, which are usually positioned higher up. In order to cool the pool if necessary, a heat exchanger can also be integrated into the automatic system.

The two new relays offer the possibility of integrating house heating and the solar system in parallel. The heating ensures the desired minimum temperature and the solar system also heats the pool water to the desired maximum value.

The frost protection setting is worthwhile for outdoor pools that are not emptied in winter. When a critical temperature is reached, the circulation mode is triggered in order to prevent the swimming pool water freezing.

Reliable error output is now also possible: Either an error message is sent to the master control or a directly connected signal horn with light is activated. If problems occur, an acoustic signal sounds at a selectable interval.

The micro switch used to measure the angle of the valve position has been replaced by a magnetic angle sensor. Thus the exact position of the valve can be called up at tenths of a degree at any time. Furthermore, maintenance work no longer risks damage to the new component, as it can be easily removed using pluggable terminals.

If the mechanics of the BADU OmniTronic are overloaded e.g. by considerable contamination, the teeth of the small gear wheel can become deformed. A clattering noise makes the damage audible. This weak point prevents damage to higher quality parts and parts installed deeper. Our emergency set contains a spare gear for this case. To replace it, simply loosen two screw connections, remove the motor and replace the gear by pulling it off and plugging it on. Do not forget to remove the cause (e.g. dirt) from the valve!

For 2020, we are already working on an external option: battery pack + converter, which resets the valve to the filter position in the event of a power failure and thus prevents the pool from running empty. In addition, the development of a conductive sensor for level control is also underway. The electrode flow between two stainless steel sensors cannot be mechanically blocked, as with previous float systems. A conductive sensor available on site is connected to an additional plug-in circuit board that is already available and can in future be integrated into the BADU OmniTronic. Furthermore, the software will also be extended for the connection of a dry run protection (e.g. paddle switch) in automatic mode.

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