BADU OmniTronic and BADU Omni actuator

Reliable and time-saving

Depending on the size and usage of the pool, backwashing the filter unit can be carried out manually. Alternatively, you can leave this necessity to the reliable and time-saving BADU OmniTronic. The BADU Omni actuator was adapted for the remote control via smart home control, as with the BADU Genio.

For the factory-set operating mode “interval automatic”, the first backwash must be triggered by pressing the button. This will then be repeated automatically every seven days. Regular filter operation is started daily at the same time. The alternative operating mode “time controlled automatic” offers the possibility of setting individual times for all operating conditions.

Input is carried out by self-explanatory buttons and a full text display in the backlit display. 11 languages are available for the menu guide. Safeguarding against wrong entries avoids time overlaps being saved for the filter times. All saved parameter remains unchanged following a power cut.

The BADU Omni actuator doesn’t have input tools on the device. It was developed especially for convenient operation via external controls. Various settings can be made regardless of time and location, for example using the BADU Genio app on the smartphone, tablet or PC.

Compared with other backwash valves, the 6-way valve from BADU offers two additional positions with “circulate” and “off”. Thus, the valve can be sealed when the pipework is released. For pools with an overflow gutter, the automatic system ensures that the floor drain is opened during backwashing and rinsing (additional circuit board).

Variable speed pumps and single-phase pumps up to 4 amps can be connected directly to the backwash valves. The electronics can be upgraded for the operation of larger single-phase pumps.

Further functions such as filter controls and level controls can be integrated via free inputs and outputs or an enabling contact can be integrated for a metering device. A pressure switch can also be integrated. A backwash is spontaneously triggered if the filter is especially dirty. From 2019, the BADU OmniTronic also offers the possibility of mapping controls for heating, solar units, frost protection and refrigeration.

The automatic backwash system’s terminal box offers room for all additional necessary components. If the 6-way valve is to be built into a difficult to reach space, the control’s circuit board can be removed and assembled in an optional wall housing at a suitable location.

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