BADU Alpha

New standard for small pools

The smallest swimming pool pump in the premium range, the BADU Alpha, is the specialist trade version of the BADU Magic II. Hydraulically optimised, it has low-noise operation and all of the premium advantages.

The BADU Alpha Eco Soft and BADU Alpha circulation pumps cover the lower performance field in the premium range for smaller pools from 10 m³ to 60 m³. As a technical development extension of the BADU Magic II from the allround range, the BADU Alpha can easily replace this model thanks to identical connection dimensions and a compact size - upgrading existing equipment to specialist retail level.

The main focus of the new hydraulic design was the energy optimisation of the pump. Thanks to a newly developed impeller and an eccentric design, the BADU Alpha achieves the performance range of the BADU Magic II with lower power consumption. Measured at the optimum operating point, the efficiency could be improved by almost 20 %. At the same time, a continuous optimisation of the sound values was achieved. Four rubber feet uncouple the pump and additionally reduce the transmission of sound and vibrations.

In order to conserve our resources, the use of raw materials has also been reduced. As a result, the BADU Alpha is lighter and more compact than the BADU Magic II. When the housing was redesigned, the strainer tank volume was doubled for better flow rates with higher dirt absorption. The threaded ring on the strainer tank‘s transparent lid can be loosened easily with the universal opening aid.

The BADU Alpha is also a genuine premium pump in terms of material selection and workmanship. Fibreglass-reinforced plastic ensures higher overall strength for the housing cover and optimum dimensional accuracy and concentricity for the impeller. The BADU Alpha achieves the best corrosion resistance inside and outside through completely painted motor housings and welded impellers.

Just like the BADU Magic II, the BADU Alpha is also available in four proven sizes from 180 to 450 watts with standard asynchronous motors. In addition, the BADU GREEN version, BADU Alpha Eco Soft, is available with a power output of 500 watts. It‘s permanent magnet motor is particularly energy efficient thanks to constant power control and variable power levels!

The BADU Alpha Eco Soft is currently the most powerful pump of its size on the swimming pool market and the first in the lower performance field that can be conveniently controlled externally - real premium quality from BADU.

In the BADU premium range you will find products that represent the highest quality, reliability and longevity for special challenges and high demands around the pool; for swimming pool owners who know what they want; and for professional installers, who know how to do it. BADU premium products are intended for specialist retailers and cannot be directly compared via other sales channels.

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