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Ladders, stairs, railings, handles, overflow gutter grilles, showers and many other components in or around the pool are made of stainless steel. And for good reason: Various kinds of steel, which are commonly referred to as “stainless steel“, are particularly suitable for use in this area due to their corrosion resistance. However, stainless steel also requires professional care to ensure lasting resistance.
The swimming pool filter system must be regularly backwashed. Filtered dirt is led into the sewage system and the filter material is loosened. This maintains the water quality and avoids rising energy costs due to increased filter resistance. The process can be carried out manually on manual backwash valves or you can leave this necessity to our reliable and time-saving BADU OmniTronic. Since March 2019, the automatic backwash system offers a range of additional functions for convenient pool operation.
Our pumps also consist of quite a few individual parts. It is essential not only to keep an overview, but also to have every relevant detail under control from the smallest screw to the most powerful motor. That‘s what the team in our controlling & data management department stands for. This is where all the information on each article flows together and is optimally prepared and kept up to date so that everyone at SPECK Pumpen can work on a reliable basis. Their work creates the basis for competent quotations, smooth production, sensible warehousing and countless other operational processes.
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We don’t only produce high quality products, we also offer a first class service. This includes our video tutorials. In this video we will explain how to assemble the BADU EasyFit connections.
Your requirements – our challenges.
Together we will create your unique product range with the quality and innovative power of SPECK Pumpen.
Our expertise – your individual product.
In the last weeks and months we were able to welcome four new employees to our company. Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to four long-standing colleagues who have entered retirement.
The Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt has followed examples from Dubai and Las Vegas with an impressive water, light and sound spectacle. The water features are the attraction for guests and visitors on the hotel‘s own lake. 116 SPECK pumps are behind the up to 30 m high fountains.

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SPECK Pumpen has been manufacturing plastic swimming pool pumps since 1968. During the last 40 years this production has undergone permanent change. Steadily rising sales figures, new developments or revised pump types and, most recently, the use of energy efficient motors made constant adjustments necessary. In the recent past, completely new factors have been added: a significant change in market behavior, the increasing desire for individualisation and, of course, the expectation of price stability. Amidst this phase of radical change, the BADU pump production is also in the middle of a generation change.
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