Cal­cu­late the energy effi­ciency of your BADU GREEN pumps

BADU® Eco Check

The app for cal­cu­lat­ing the energy effi­ciency of BADU GREEN cir­cu­la­tion pumps

You can talk about sav­ing energy – or you can do it. At BADU we’re always one step ahead.
BADU GREEN cir­cu­la­tion pumps were designed based on the best pos­sible effi­ciency and there­fore also envir­on­ment­al per­form­ance. How­ever, wheth­er or not a pump is the right choice under the con­di­tions at the oper­a­tion site is anoth­er question.
This ques­tion can be answered eas­ily using the BADU Eco Check App. Down­load the free app to your tab­let and cal­cu­late and com­pare the energy effi­ciency of BADU GREEN cir­cu­la­tion pumps.
In this way you can find the ideal solu­tion – and look after the envir­on­ment and your bank account.

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