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> Experts for almost every pump media
> In good spirits
> Team news
> Teamwork and coffee
> Spring atmosphere
> Customer orientated production
> Pool profis know best
> Vive la France!
> NEW: SPR pump control
> Feuertrutz 2017
> Anniversary party
> A new generation in the service department
> Young talent
> Merger: BADU sales office
> Trade fair season open
> Family summer party
> Retirement
> New employees
> Excellent feedback
> New sales structure
SPECK Pumpen, a leading, international manufacturer of high quality pumps and counter swim units with production sites in Germany, Spain, South Africa, the USA and Australia is expanding to France. For over 100 years the SPECK brand has stood for innovative, customer-orientated and industry specific products.
> Men in Blue
> SPECK Pumpen down under
> Like new: Branch office in Rodgau
> Victory in a dragon boat
> SPECK Pumpen on the Elbe
> It does rust ...
> A pool terrace in a class of its own
> BADUJET Innovations
Dive into the pool. Enjoy the sun. Paddle in refreshingly cool water. Swim a few laps. Relax in sun-warmed water in the early evening. BADU makes it possible with pool technologies and solutions that impress. From the private starter pool in the back garden to large-scale, public complexes. Today we present you with the most popular BADU products of 2016 as well as new BADU developments.
BADU – for the simple joys of life …
> SPECK Pumpen online
> SPECK Pumpen at the southernmost tip of Africa
> New products on the road to success
> Munich branch office
> New SUPS 3 borehole pump
> He who works must also eat ...
> Uncomplicated help - the BADU repair service
> The American way of SPECK
> Keeping track of pump parts
> Thank you for your opinion
> Minicell supports disaster relief
> Team enhancement
> Trade fair market places
> Obituary Günter Blei
> Children at play!
> Impressive variety of products
> Newcomers 2015
> Save a life - it's so simple
> Congratulations to our anniversary employees
> Innovations from BADU for the swimming pool market
> New Branch Manager in Baden Wuerttemberg
> New appointment: Human resources and finance
> In focus: Industry and fire protection
> State prize for Thomas Hummel
> New to the team
> Dragon boat race: Triumph for team SPECK

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The internet is full of random, interesting facts. We’ve come across rather a lot lately which relate to swimming and swimming pools so we decided to collect a few and share them with you. Feel free to let us know which ones really blow your mind!
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