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With the BADUJET Turbo Pro, SPECK Pumpen is launching a unique, premium counter swim unit onto the market. Its even, soft current pattern enables a particularly natural swimming experience in the pool. It is based on a novel propeller technology that promises even more benefits for pool builders and pool owners. The new product will be presented for the first time at the aquanale in Cologne in November.

In contrast to previous BADU counter swim units, the BADUJETTurbo Pro has a propeller instead of a nozzle. The new technology creates an even, soft current. This also avoids monotonous strain on individual parts of the body. The optimum current pattern is characterised by low wave and splash water formation and is pleasantly noticeable during operation due to the reduced water noise!

With up to 350 m²/h, the BADUJETTurbo Pro has a considerably higher output performance than conventional units and at the same time is significantly quieter. The unit performance can be continuously adjusted with integrated sensor keys or via remote control. Thus, you can adapt the system perfectly to your individual needs: Performance-oriented training, professional workout, relaxation, rehabilitation training, fun ...

The BADUJETTurbo Pro is driven by an efficient permanent magnet motor. The power is transmitted to the propeller contactless via a magnetic coupling. The design is particularly low-wear with no continuous drive shaft and no dynamic seal and is especially safe, as all electrical components are hermetically separated from the pool water. The standard-compliant construction was carried out according to DIN EN 16582-1 and DIN EN 16713-2, among others.

For quick and easy installation, the directly integrated, space-saving pump unit is coupled directly to the system. A shaft is to be provided directly behind the BADUJETTurbo Pro, so there is no need for additional pipework! Should it be necessary to disassemble the pump, the motor unit can be easily removed from this system without having to lower the water in the pool.

On site, the new counter swim unit can be fitted with stainless steel covers in two different designs.

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