BADU Alpha

New stand­ard for small pools

The smal­lest swim­ming pool pump in the premi­um range, the BADU Alpha, is the spe­cial­ist trade ver­sion of the BADU Magic II. Hydraul­ic­ally optim­ised, it has low-noise oper­a­tion and all of the premi­um advant­ages.

The BADU Alpha Eco Soft and BADU Alpha cir­cu­la­tion pumps cov­er the lower per­form­ance field in the premi­um range for smal­ler pools from 10 m³ to 60 m³. As a tech­nic­al devel­op­ment exten­sion of the BADU Magic II from the all­round range, the BADU Alpha can eas­ily replace this mod­el thanks to identic­al con­nec­tion dimen­sions and a com­pact size - upgrad­ing exist­ing equip­ment to spe­cial­ist retail level.

The main focus of the new hydraul­ic design was the energy optim­isa­tion of the pump. Thanks to a newly developed impeller and an eccent­ric design, the BADU Alpha achieves the per­form­ance range of the BADU Magic II with lower power con­sump­tion. Meas­ured at the optim­um oper­at­ing point, the effi­ciency could be improved by almost 20 %. At the same time, a con­tinu­ous optim­isa­tion of the sound val­ues was achieved. Four rub­ber feet uncouple the pump and addi­tion­ally reduce the trans­mis­sion of sound and vibra­tions.

In order to con­serve our resources, the use of raw mater­i­als has also been reduced. As a res­ult, the BADU Alpha is light­er and more com­pact than the BADU Magic II. When the hous­ing was redesigned, the strain­er tank volume was doubled for bet­ter flow rates with high­er dirt absorp­tion. The threaded ring on the strain­er tank‘s trans­par­ent lid can be loosened eas­ily with the uni­ver­sal open­ing aid.

The BADU Alpha is also a genu­ine premi­um pump in terms of mater­i­al selec­tion and work­man­ship. Fibre­glass-rein­forced plastic ensures high­er over­all strength for the hous­ing cov­er and optim­um dimen­sion­al accur­acy and con­cent­ri­city for the impeller. The BADU Alpha achieves the best cor­ro­sion res­ist­ance inside and out­side through com­pletely painted motor hous­ings and wel­ded impellers.

Just like the BADU Magic II, the BADU Alpha is also avail­able in four proven sizes from 180 to 450 watts with stand­ard asyn­chron­ous motors. In addi­tion, the BADU GREEN ver­sion, BADU Alpha Eco Soft, is avail­able with a power out­put of 500 watts. It‘s per­man­ent mag­net motor is par­tic­u­larly energy effi­cient thanks to con­stant power con­trol and vari­able power levels!

The BADU Alpha Eco Soft is cur­rently the most power­ful pump of its size on the swim­ming pool mar­ket and the first in the lower per­form­ance field that can be con­veni­ently con­trolled extern­ally - real premi­um qual­ity from BADU.

In the BADU premi­um range you will find products that rep­res­ent the highest qual­ity, reli­ab­il­ity and longev­ity for spe­cial chal­lenges and high demands around the pool; for swim­ming pool own­ers who know what they want; and for pro­fes­sion­al installers, who know how to do it. BADU premi­um products are inten­ded for spe­cial­ist retail­ers and can­not be dir­ectly com­pared via oth­er sales chan­nels.

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