In the spring of 1909, mas­ter mech­an­ic Daniel Speck, togeth­er with his five sons, foun­ded the fam­ily busi­ness Daniel Speck & Sons in Nurem­berg, Ger­many. In the same year they man­u­fac­tured their first plun­ger pump with drain­ing device and put it on the mar­ket.

Form­a­tion of the sales com­pany

SPECK swim­ming pool tech­no­logy is launched, well-known today for products such as the BADU series pumps and counter swim units

The world's first cor­ro­sion-res­ist­ant plastic pump for private swim­ming pools is intro­duced

Move from Nurem­berg to Lauf an der Peg­nitz

Her­mann Speck, great-grand­son of the company's founder, takes over

End of 2004
Move from Lauf to Neunkirchen am Sand (total area approx. 36,000 m², approx. 20,000 m² under cov­er)

Begin­ning of 2008
Begin­ning of the assembly of BADU Block and Normb­lock pumps onsite in Neunkirchen am Sand

For more inform­a­tion please read

SPECK: 100 years of innov­a­tion in pump mak­ing

Logo - Speck Pumpen

SPECK Pumpen Verkauf­s­gesell­schaft GmbH
91233 Neunkirchen am Sand, Ger­many

BADU | Domest­ic and indus­tri­al tech­no­logy | Aquacul­ture


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